Boost Self-Confidence With These 5 Easy Tactics

Sometimes it can be hard to figure out ways to boost your self-confidence when you feel you have no control! Improving your self esteem is a process, but what's important is starting small and being consistent more than anything. Below are 5 easy tactics you can implement in your life every day to boost your self-confidence and take it on that upward trend that it deserves to be on.

1. Make Your Bed Every Morning

When building self-confidence, it is important to start with the little successes. One little success you can do every single morning in order to feel more confident and in control of your life is to make your bed. It sounds silly, but it actually makes a huge difference when you tell yourself you will do something and do it! Only then will you feel like you can take on other tasks in the day and feel confident in your abilities. If you're looking for cute decorative bed pillows to make your bed with, check this out!

2. Write A To Do List For Each Day

After making your bed and accomplishing that task, create a to do list of the tasks you desire to complete for the day. These tasks can range anywhere from loading the dishwasher, to finishing a first draft of a work deliverable, or calling a friend. Make sure you write each item down and check mark them as you complete them throughout the day. The goal is to get these To Do items done for the day so you feel in control. This, in turn, boosts self-confidence because you can see in writing and through check marking how productive you are during the day. If you are unable to complete all the items of a to do list in a given day, you can carry over the rest for the next day, so no need to stress yourself out! It's important to be gentle with yourself as well. Check out this cool ready-made to do list you can order on Amazon and start using ASAP!

3. Get Moving

Whether it is a 15 min walk, a 45 min HIIT workout, or a 2 hour run, it is important to get your body moving each and every day in some capacity. The benefits from being active elevate your mood and mental health, which feed into your self-confidence level! There are many scientific studies that show the clear benefits of physical activity so this is an important habit even beyond physical benefits! Try starting small and building from there. If you haven't run in a few months, then don't tell yourself you will be running 5 miles each day as you want to be gentle on yourself and give yourself a goal you can meet and slowly build! This is an easy mistake by perfectionists and this simple reminder can make a huge difference!

4. Make Time For Self Care

Self-confidence ultimately boils down to the self, so it is important to take time for self care. This can be drawing yourself a bath, reading your favorite book, meditating, mindfully doing your skin care routine, or writing in your journal! Whatever you feel nourishes you is what you should make time for every day even for a small amount of time. If you are into journaling, The Five Minute Journal is so great to help you write about gratitude, daily affirmations, and positive thinking!

5. Adjust Your Posture

Believe it or not, your posture actually contributes to your feeling of self-confidence. It's not always something we pay attention to, but being mindful about your posture is the ultimate confidence boost. In fact, science suggests that how we interact in a space not only changes other people's perception about us, but also on our perception of ourselves! Slouching and slumping tends to trigger more negative memories and represents a defensive position, while a "power pose" changes one's feelings about performance and optimizes focus. If you need a little help in remembering to have a good posture, try this best-selling posture corrector on Amazon so that you can use to get into the habit and boost self-confidence!
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